I support the use of AdBlock technology. Which probably sounds like a completely INSANE thing to say as a web publisher regularly accused of overusing ads on web pages, but here is my logic…

Ad blocking extensions were created by clever developers to help users customise their web experience. The fact that browser vendors allow this is awesome and should be supported by users and publishers alike. It underpins the fundamental freedoms of an open and free internet. Users should be free to choose whether they want to see ads or not.

The only problem with the current situation is that publishers are not free to decide whether to publish content to ad block users or not. This has to change. The current cat and mouse game between ad blockers and publishers is ridiculous. Even though the IAB is bravely attempting to produce code that checks for ad blockers to help publishers, one instantly wonders how successful this will be. If you’ve ever tried to write code to check for ad blockers, you soon realise just how tricky it is when some ad blockers block Javascript entirely.

It is incumbent on browser vendors to render flags in the user agent or somewhere that publisher sites can read to confidently check for ad blocking users. Publishers should be free to publish their content to whom ever they choose. I’m not suggesting publishers block ad blockers, merely that publishers be given a reliable way to chose. The pressure is really on the browser vendors to act. And I sincerely hope they act in a way that supports the freedom of choice for all web citizens.