Google Analytics released a feature to report on AdExchange stats back in september; however, it does not work if you run AdExchange in DFP. Why would they build-in this restriction? Surely, the majority of AdExchange users only run AdExchange through DFP? Some time ago when they first launched this feature I got he following response from Analytics support:

On 11 September, 2015 at 7:57 PM

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for sharing your email with your findings and screenshots. I really appreciate that.

I do agree that the linking of the two accounts is perfect. I would like to inform you that I being an expert with Analytics will not have access to the tools for AdExchange which an expert for the same product will have. Therefore initially after researching on your query I was able to share the possible reasons for the discrepancy in data between both the products after consulting with my experts and doing research on the same.

Unfortunately I will not be able to troubleshoot much due to lack of access to the required tools for AdExchange. To get a speedy response I will suggest you to write an email to the support for AdExchange at this link. Let them know about the specific data which you think is not matching within the GA interface so that they will be able to look into it and help you find the reasons behind it.

I hope you will understand this.

Have a good weekend!!

Google Inc. | The Google AdWords Team | 1-866-2-GOOGLE |

And then the following from AdExchange support:

On 15 September, 2015 at 11:18:02 AM, ( wrote:

Hi Jonathan,

I've been looking in deep on this with the GA team and found out some stuff.

The AdX linking with GA is only for Desktop impressions, so you need to filter out by platform in your adx report.

Also, I can see in that site, there is AdX served through a DFP account and that is also not supported in the linking, nor it's not possible to remove that data from AdX report.

So two main points for such a high discrepancy:

1) Mobile impressions not included in GA link, thus removing from AdX report to get better numbers

2) AdX served as backfill through DFP is not in GA linking, can't be solved in the adx reports.


Guillermo Vidal | Technical Account Manager | | Publisher Solutions LatAm team

Today’s Google Analytics email newsletter is again pushing this feature and calling out the addition of AdX metrics in the GA API.

Google Analytics AdExchange linking API

Google Analytics AdExchange linking API

Come on, Google! Let DFP users in on the fun!